Sunday 18 April  
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  • AED8302-
  • AED(Bazar)9480-
  • AUD25850-
  • AUD(Bazar)--
  • BHD--
  • CAD--
  • CAD(Bazar)27600-
  • CHF31601-
  • CNY4642-
  • CNY(Bazar)5300-
  • DKK--
  • Each gr of 18 Carat gold price1034900-
  • EUR34656-
  • EUR(Bazar)39550-
  • GBP44366-
  • GBP(Bazar)50300-
  • IRAN 1/2 Bahar Azadi-Coin5060000-
  • IRAN 1/4 Bahar Azadi-Coin2720000-
  • IRAN One Bahar Azadi-Coin10190000-
  • IRAN One First Bahar Azadi-Coin10200000-
  • JPY10028483-
  • JPY100(Bazar)3260-
  • KWD--
  • MYR8670-
  • NOK--
  • SAR--
  • SAR(Bazar)9308-
  • SEK3754-
  • TRY10517-
  • TRY(Bazar)12200-
  • USD34640-
  • USD(Bazar)30486-
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Founded in 2000, PND data processing center, Iran’s leading and most

trusted news organization in the field of auctions and tenders, is a

source of highly specialized information for businesses and professionals

With over 125 employees and a leadership position in the Iranian market,

PND combines expertise with pioneering methods of data classification to

present critical information to prominent decision makers

We work with leading organizations across the private, public, and social

sectors. Our h
igh-quality performance and budget-conscious services

make our company a reliable provider of auctions and tenders


PND offers a wide range of services to its subscribers, including:  

·       Monitoring, processing, and sending information related to
    auctions and tenders,

·       Providing the documents related to auctions and tenders in
    no more than 72 hours,

·       Sending notifications about international exhibitions in 

·       Sending information about economic and trade laws and

·       Offering consultation on purchasing factories and heavy

  • Pars Namad Data information processing center
  • International tenders and bids of Iran
  • Iranian international tenders
  • tenders of Iran Islamic Republic

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